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The DELMA Advantage -

a vertically integrated and geographically diversified approach.

Delma Business

Diversified Real Estate Investment & Development Company

Multiple Revenue Sources

The Delma Group is headquartered in Montreal, Canada and is a multinational owner-operator-developer-manager of quality properties and projects in North America, Europe, and other regions. Delma is publicly listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange, CSE: DLMA


The Delma Group business is anchored in real estate and operates through three main divisions that have a specific focus, are highly complementary to on another, and have demonstrated the capability to drive economies of scale and realize synergies to generate significant profits. The Group has the expertise to design, develop, market, own and operate small, medium, and large projects.

Every time Delma Group acquires a revenue producing property, they generate:


  • Cash on cash return
  • An increase in equity through the return of capital
  • The increase in value


Simultaneously,  Delma Management gets a contract to manage the asset and generates 10-15% profit for our Shareholders instead of going to third party managers.

Horizontal Integration

Active in retail, multi-residential, senior homes, student housing, industrial, office and hospitality

  • Reduces portfolio volatility and increases resilience to economical downturns
  • Mixed-use development creates synergy between asset classes
  • Unrestricted market-product matrix offers attractive opportunities throughout the real estate cycle
  • Provides comprehensive market intelligence
  • Broad asset allocation helps to attract and retain top talents

Vertical Integration

Diversified Real Estate Investment & Development Company

  • Increased diversification and scale of portfolio
  • Integrated mixed-use development improves attractiveness and coherence
  • Mastering costing, construction and value efficiencies

Growth Pillars:

  • 1. Real Estate Income & Development >

    Value-Add and Developments (VA&D): 55-60%

    • Targeting distressed / under-performing assets below market & replacement costs
    • Driving property value & returns by :
    • Repositioning existing properties
    • Densifying site & rationalizing parking lots
    • Diversifying income source and creating on-site synergy
    • Managing interest risk by keeping LTV below 65% commercial / 75% multi-residential
    • VA&D sustains steady short term returns and a pool of stabilized assets for long term hold


    Core+ : 40-45%

    • Targeting dominant and stabilized properties in established markets :
    • Allowing the rapid implantation of a critical mass in selected markets
    • Balancing the portfolio with high profile tenants and long term leases
    • Accessing large and strategic sites that can then be out-parceled or carved out for VA&D projects
    • Managing through DMSC allows fee recycling, more standardized service delivery and cost control
  • 2. Hospitality Income & Development >

  • 3. Management Income >

    Integrated management services platform for owned and 3rd party properties’ operations and upkeep - Leasing, Maintenance, Project Management



    • Increased accountability
    •  Superior service level
    •  Brand building & recognition
    •  Economies of scale
    •  Cost control in property management
    •  Better return on investment for the group


    Financial Plan :

     $5M Revenues & 10% EBITDA

Mission Statement

To provide inspiring, sustainable and attractive places connected to the local community.


The Delma Advantage:

Transaction Knowledge:

Every project will be analyzed and reviewed in depth, including all financial, operational, environmental and capital market factors. Our strength will be demonstrated in rigorous due diligence, careful market analysis and thorough knowledge of the capital markets. We have superior in-house Operations & Asset Management group to ensure the investment maintains its expected yield and value.

Our Development & Value Added Policy:

This is a medium-to-high-risk/medium-to-high-return strategy. It involves buying a property, existing or Greenfield, improving it short to medium holing period through our proven track record of turning around such properties, and selling it at an opportune time for gain. This portfolio will be expanded both in existing locations and new locations.


Focus on “asset selection” by identifying and purchasing assets at a low price, off market deals - such as from banks, distressed sellers, or other properties at steep discounts.

Our Income Policy:

Being investors ourselves, we maximize Investor value by creating a wide portfolio of real estate & hospitality assets, generating strong cash flow and dividends, and ultimately, substantial capital gains as trends eventually reverse. This portfolio will be expanded both in existing locations and new locations.


Focus on “asset selection” by identifying and purchasing assets at a low price, off market deals - such as from banks, distressed sellers, or other properties at steep discounts, with the potential to increase yield from rent and reduced costs resulting from efficient management methodology.



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